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One part of the Wildcat Wildlife Center's mission is "to develop a community of people committed to helping wild animals and preserving the ecosystem of Indiana. We hope to encourage an interest, appreciation, and understanding of wildlife through education programs for groups such as schools, scout troops, civic organizations, and businesses. We also strive to educate about humane, non-lethal means of conflict resolution between humans and animals."


Our educational programs will expand your knowledge of our natural world in a way that is interesting and fun!! Our educational volunteers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly.

Wouldn't you like to come learn with us?

Goals of the Education Program

It is our goal to develop a community of people committed to helping wild animals and preserving the ecosystem of Indiana. We hope to accomplish this goal by encouraging an interest, appreciation and understanding of native Indiana wildlife through educational programs. All programs for children conform to Indiana State Science curriculum.

Who We Teach

We will teach to any group interested in learning. We are currently teaching scout groups, public school groups, home school groups, church groups, vacation bible school groups, and the Purdue Pre-Vet Club. Also, we are often present at public functions at a booth or table. For example, we had an educational booth at the Vet School Open House at Purdue University (in West Lafayette, IN).

Our Curriculums

Listed here are brief explanations of each of our programs. Click here for a downloadable version in MS Word format.

Color Crazy – Intended for grades K-4. From songbirds to opossums, animals come in a wide variety of colors! Students have a chance to meet an animal, and take some time to create a colorful animal of their own. The program includes a visit by one of our educational animals.

Treetop Friends – For grades K-8. You know that lots of birds live in trees, but do you know about all of the other animals that use trees? Students learn about the importance of habitat and the different things that are required for a suitable habitat, focusing on animals that can climb and live in trees. This program includes a visit from one of the following educational animals: Squirrel, Raccoon, or one or more of our educational birds.

Ground Guys – For grades K-8. We humans live on the ground, and there are lots of other animals that share the ground with us. Like in Treetop Friends, students learn about the importance of habitat and the different things that are required for a suitable habitat, focusing on animals that live on the ground. This program includes a visit by either our educational Woodchuck or another educational animal.

Survival! – For grades 5-12. What does it takes for an animal to survive in the wild? Could you survive? Students discuss factors that influence survival of individual animals and animal populations. They also meet an educational Raccoon, Squirrel, or an educational birds.

Wetland Wonders – For grades 5-8. The Earth is covered in water, and humans are made of water, but how much do you really know about it? Learn the importance of water, and how wetlands help people and wildlife survive. Includes a visit by one of our educational animals/birds.

Conflict Resolution – For adults. Want to know how to deal with the woodchuck living under your deck and the raccoons hiding in your attic? Then this is the program for you. This program focuses on how to survive with our wild neighbors without harm to you or them. This program can include a visit by an educational animal.

Scheduling a Program

Please contact our Education Director, Kim McMunn, to schedule a program. You can contact her by e-mail or contact us at the Center. She can provide information about program content, available program dates, and donation amounts for our services.

You will likely get your desired program dates if you schedule at least six (6) weeks ahead of time and schedule in the months from October through April. The busiest season for the Center is April through September, when the wildlife are raising young and preparing for winter. However, we are very interested in serving our community through education, and we will try to accommodate your group whenever possible.

The Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center Education Team

Our educational team consists of very dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers. They will make your educational experience exciting and fulfilling with their enthusiasm for both teaching and learning.

  • Kim McMunn - Kim has been with the Center since the Spring of 2002 has serves as the Education Director since the Summer of 2004. She is a facilitator for Project WILD in Indiana and has completed Project WET, Flying WILD, Go FishIN, Project Learning Tree, Project Underground, Hoosier Riverwatch and is an Indiana Master Naturalist and a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator.
  • Denise Hays - Denise is the Assistant Director and Volunteer Coordinator of the Wildcat Wildlife Center. An Indiana Master Naturalist, she has served with the center for many years, and she has extensive knowledge of permanent, humane solutions to wildlife conflict problems . She specializes in the Conflict Resolution program.
  • Carol Blacketer - Carol is the founder and Director of the Wildcat Wildlife Center. She specializes in programs for civic organizations and large events at schools. Carol is an Indiana Master Naturalist who has completed Project WILD and Flying WILD.


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