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Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center is the largest wildlife rehabilitation center in Indiana.

We rehabilitate all species of native Indiana wildlife as well as all migratory species on a beautiful, rural 80 acre site. We have planted 4000 trees, changed 23 acres from tillable to native habitat borders, and restored a two acre wetlands. Be sure to take advantage of wildlife watching and the paddle boat on the wetlands in your time off!

Annually we admit 1300 � 1700 wildlife patients. During the internship period we are admitting nearly 100 new patients weekly. Internships provide intense hands on experience in the field of wildlife rehabilitation, surgery and post operative care, behavior and enrichment. Special focus is given to the care, cleaning and feeding of orphan and injured nestling songbirds, raptors and mammals. Responsibilities include interacting with citizens and volunteer staff of the center, telephone triage, record keeping, data entry, animal handling and restraint techniques for exams, fluids and medications. Intern is responsible for diet preparations for over 100 species. Cleaning is a huge part of maintaining patient health at a wildlife center, laundry, doing dishes, mopping floors, LOTS of cleaning.

Much of your work is physically demanding. Must be able to lift 50lbs. Cleaning cages and outdoor enclosures will involve wheel barrowing mulch, pea gravel, hay, pitch forking and shoveling. Maintaining overall appearance of grounds will include some trim mowing and weeding.

Intern must be self-motivated, show attention to detail, punctuality, initiative and possess a strong desire to learn. You will be working in a fast paced, high stress environment. All applicants are subject to a background check, need to be at least 18 years of age and have medical insurance.

Part time (20-30 hours per week) and full time (40-60 hours per week) positions are available. No financial stipend is available; however furnished rooms and/or cabins are available for full time interns. Interns are responsible for personal travel & food. Cabins/rooms are furnished with futons, table & chairs, microwave, refrigerator and fans. Bathroom is located in the hospital. Cabins are shared housing for 4-6 interns.

Interns may fly into Indianapolis IN or Chicago IL. From Indianapolis there is a shuttle to Lafayette IN and Amtrak offers a route from Chicago to Lafayette IN. Center staff will provide transportation from Lafayette to the center in Delphi.

April through October is our intern timeframe. Minimum 6 weeks, although 8 � 12 weeks will be given top priority.

To apply for internships, please forward a cover letter and your resume to Denise Hays (Asst. Director) - CLICK HERE to email her. 

For more information you may also contact Denise Hays by phone at 765-430-1582 (cell).

To view some photos and comments from our past internships - CLICK HERE!

Senior internship position currently open. On site housing available as well as a modest stipend. Time commitment 6 months to 1 year. Senior intern applicants should have previous wildlife rehabilitation experience. Applicants with previous clinical, zoo, and/or exotics experience will be considered. Senior interns work closely with our center's Veterinarians, RVT, Director and Assistant Director. In addition to regular internship duties senior interns are also responsible to help supervise 12-14 full time summer interns and regular volunteer staff. You will be involved in every aspect of operating a very busy non-profit.


Raptor internship position open in September 2016. Responsibilities are similar to senior internship position with a concentration centering around our raptors in rehabilitation as well as educational ambassadors and public outreach.


Animal Husbandry - Volunteer Your Time!

The Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center depends on the work of dedicated volunteers. Thousands  of animals will come to us for care this year. Each animal needs food and attention, and most need medical care. As an animal care volunteer at our Center, you will participate in the care and feeding of creatures you would otherwise only observe from a distance.

With your fellow volunteers, you will celebrate the releases and mourn the losses, while gaining wonderful experience along the way. Animal handling training is provided, so if you have the time, please volunteer.

To begin volunteering:

1. Review the volunteer letter.

2. Review and print the volunteer application.

3. Complete the volunteer application, and return it to us (address provided on the application).

4. We may then contact you for an interview. You may contact us if you have any additional questions.

Release Site - Volunteer Your Space!

Our Center also depends on citizens who care enough about Indiana's ecosystem and natural habitat to provide accessible and appropriate natural areas for our rehabilitated patients. Since suitable release sites for our rehabilitated wildlife are essential for their survival, you will help complete the rehabilitation cycle by volunteering your property.

If you are interested, please complete the application process:

1. Review the release site letter. If necessary, the we can mail you this form.

2. Review and print the release site application. Again, we can mail you this form if necessary. Complete the application and return it to us (address provided on the application).

3. If your site sounds appropriate, we will then contact you for a tour of your site (prior to any releases). You may contact us if you have any additional questions.

Offer Your Own Experience or Expertise

Besides animal care, there are many other activities at our Center that depend on volunteers. Your special talents may be needed for:

  • fundraising
  • record keeping
  • data entry
  • grant writing
  • public education
  • organizing a work day with your friends or co-workers

We will help you match your interests with our needs; please complete the application process above (under "Animal Husbandry") to volunteer.


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