Wish List

Our Center can always use any of the below items. Please contact us before dropping off any items. Thank you!!

You may also shop through the following link to purchase items for us at Amazon.com (and have them shipped directly to us): Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center Amazon Wish List

  • Birdseed, sunflower seeds & cockatiel or parakeet food
  • Ears of corn and cracked corn
  • Acorns, hazelnuts, unsalted peanuts in the shell, walnuts, etc.
  • Dog and cat dry food and canned

    Building Supplies
    Rolls of 1/2 inch hardware cloth (wire fencing).
    4' x 4' 's and 2' x 4' 's (treated or untreated).


    Office Supplies

    Printer paper

    card stock paper,


    dry-erase markers,

    T-50 staplers and staples

    large 3-ring binders

    manila folders

    Everyday Items / Toys

  • Hollow logs (for juvenile mammals)
  • Dog and cat carriers of assorted sizes
  • Paper towels and toilet paper (for bird's nests)
  • Faux fur, baby blankets, towels.
  • Bleach, laundry soap, and liquid dish soap
  • Garbage bags
  • Rope-like plant hangers for toys/swings
  • Jingle balls (plastic cat or dog toys with metal balls inside)
  • Rope/wood bird toys

    And, of course, money to help us buy species-specific formulas, surgical and medical supplies and equipment:


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